About Us

United Batteries was opened in 2000 by Howard “Skip” Barber.  An Entrepreneur who had been working in the Aviation industry for the previous 11 years under his mentor, Matt Mathews.

Mr. Mathews was a pioneer in the Aviation Industry when it came to batteries. Working as an Engineer in the late 50’s thru the early 80’s, he was one of the leaders in the development of the Nickel Cadmium batteries that are now used throughout the industry.

In 1986, Mr. Mathews opened “Mathews Rechargeable Batteries”, working to provide the top level of service and repair that the industry needed. It was in 1989 that Mr. Skip Barber began his career in the aviation industry with Mr. Mathews, learning from one of the true Pioneers of our business.

After Mr. Mathews passing in 1998, Mr. Barber worked to open his own Repair Center in the Houston area, and on March 9, 2000, was granted CRS # U9BR6181 operating as United Batteries and Accessories.

United Batteries has grown from a small one man shop in Houston, to a true family business that is beginning to expand into other markets. With his son Howard “Howie” Barber III overseeing the day to day operations in Houston, daughter Samie, working as Office Manager, Chris Newton, long-time family friend and Lead Technician and Eric Price, who is opening the new Lafayette, Louisiana branch.

The company has excelled in the past 14 years into an industry leader in Customer Support, Product Support and Reliability. Mr. Barber has become one of the most respected and knowledgeable sources in the aviation industry when it comes to Batteries and Ground Support Equipment. One of the strong points he has brought to the industry is his ability to think outside the box, and willingness to listen to the customer, to give them what they need. In his new Power Cart and Power Supply designs, he gives the customer the ability to design units that meet their requirements instead of the standard off the shelf models.

United Batteries continues to be successful, thanks to “Skips” commitment to relationships with the customer and the integrity in the company’s work.

“Always put the customer first, make sure the service is not only the top quality    provided, but at a fair price and never tell a customer you can’t help them”.  -Howard “Skip” Barber